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Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is a key component of our mission to keep hope alive! Our goal is to keep the at risk children of Nepal connected with family members or trusted friends if at all possible.  We believe that the family environment is vital to the development of healthy children.  Monthly child sponsorship allows a child to stay integrated within family life while at the same time giving a child the best opportunity to develop physically, spiritually, educationally and emotionally.

  • What does it cost to sponsor a child? $25 per month / $300 annually
  • What is the length of my sponsorship? We ask that you commit to a 12 month sponsorship.
  • What do I receive when I begin sponsorship? You will receive a welcome packet with the information about your child.
  •  What does monthly sponsorship cover? A child’s educational needs (fees / uniform / books / supplies) and basic life necessities such as food.  
  • Will I receive updates on how my child is developing? Yes – our goal is for each sponsor to receive two updates each year.
  • Can I correspond with the child I sponsor? Yes.  Any correspondence will be filtered through the Collective Hope office in Kathmandu.
  • What if I need to cancel my sponsorship? We understand that a situation may arise that would require a cancellation of your sponsorship.  If that is the case, we ask that you give Collective Hope at least one month before canceling your sponsorship.​